i-Sense Related Projects



The project RUBICON will create a self-learning robotic ecology, called RUBICON (for Robotic UBIquitous COgnitive Network), consisting of a network of sensors, effectors and mobile robot devices.

Enabling robots to seamlessly operate as part of these ecologies is an important challenge for robotics R&D, in order to support applications such as ambient assisted living, security, etc.



IntelliCIS is the COST Action (IC0806) on Intelligent Monitoring, Control and Security of Critical Infrastructure Systems and belongs to the ICT Domain. The main objective of the Action is to develop innovative intelligent monitoring, control and safety methodologies for critical infrastructure systems, such as electric power systems, telecommunication networks, and water distribution systems. The Action is guided by the Management Committee, which is formed by not more than two representatives of each country that signed the MoU.




The overall research theme of the NICaiA, Nature Inspired Computation and its Applications, project is nature inspired computation and its applications: The field of nature inspired computation is a relatively new inter-disciplinary area of research that is concerned with the computational capabilities of natural systems and their interpretation in a computational framework.



The Project ECHORD++, which follows the FP7 Project ECHORD, wants to promote innovation by facilitating the cooperation between public bodies, academia and industry of robot manufacturers. This goal will be achieved by implementing different instruments – experiments, pre-commercial procurement (PCP) and robotic and innovation facilities (RIF's) - that are tailor-made to meet the needs of the society and public bodies in different areas.
ECHORD++ will develop a Pre-Commercial Procurement in Smart Cities for the next five years. Our first step, in April 2014, consists in selecting and financing public bodies and authorities in order to propose a ROBOTIC CHALLENGE in Smart Cities. The second step is to make a R&D Call to invite Consortia to develop the selected challenge.