Matlab-CONTAM Toolbox for Contaminant Event Monitoring in Intelligent Buildings

The Problem

An intelligent building should take all the necessary steps to provide protection against the dispersion of contaminants from sources (events) inside the building which can compromise the indoor air quality and influence the occupants' comfort, health, productivity and safety. Multi-zone models and software, such as CONTAM, have been widely used in building environmental studies for predicting airflows and the resulting contaminant transport.


Matlab-CONTAM Toolbox

The developed Matlab-CONTAM Toolbox allows the creation of datasets from running multiple scenarios using CONTAM by varying the different problem parameters. The Matlab-CONTAM Toolbox is an expandable research tool which facilitates the implementation of various algorithms related to contamination event monitoring. In particular, we describe the implementation of state-of-the-art algorithms for detecting and isolating a contaminant source. The use of the Toolbox is demonstrated through a building case-study.

The goal of the Toolbox is to serve as a common programming framework for research, which facilitates simulating multiple contamination events under varying conditions as well as to store computed data in data structures so that they can be reused by different algorithms.

The Matlab-CONTAM Toolbox features a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a modular architecture. It allows the creation of multiple scenarios by varying the different problem parameters (wind direction, wind speed, leakage path openings, source magnitude, evolution rate and onset time) as well as the storage of the computed results in data structures. The data from these scenarios are further analyzed by the developed algorithms for determining solutions for contaminant event monitoring and sensor placement.


Codes are available for download

The Matlab-CONTAM Toolbox is released under an open-source license, and is available at the following link

Download the Matlab-CONTAM Package



Contaminant Event Detection and Isolation

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Security Sensor Placement

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CONTAM - Holmes House

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