i-Sense deliverables


Below are listed the deliverables of the project.


WP1 System Specification and Architecture

D1.1 - Report on specification of system characteristics

D1.2 - Report on fault modelling

D1.3 - Report on fault diagnosis architecture

WP2 Cognitive Fault Diagnosis

D2.1 - Annual progress report on cognitive fault diagnosis

D2.2 - Specifications of the cognitive fault detection and isolation agents

D2.3 - Cognitive fault diagnosis agent prototype system


WP3 Adaptation and Learning

D3.1 – Annual progress report on the design of adaptation and learning schemes

D3.2 – Neural Network Ensemble Learning agent prototype

D3.3 – Virtual Sensor agent prototype

D3.4 – Just-in-Time Classifier agent prototype

WP4 Fault Tolerant Control

D4.1 – Annual progress report on the design of fault tolerant control schemes

D4.2 – Passive fault tolerant control agent prototype

D4.3 – Active fault tolerant control agent prototype

D4.4 – Fault tolerant model predictive control agent prototype

WP5 Integration, Validation and Evaluation of the iSense Platform

D5.1 – Report on specification of intelligent building application environment

D5.2 – Simulation model test-bed for intelligent building environment

D5.3 – Simplified real model test-bed for cognitive fault diagnosis of intelligent buildings

WP6 Dissemination

D6.1 – Project Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy

D6.2 – Project web site

D6.3 – Project Newsletter

D6.4 – Project Workshop

WP7 Management & Coordination

D7.1 – Consortium Agreement

D7.2 – Project Management Manual

D7.3 – Annual and Final Reports